What Happens To Your Body When You Do Dips Every Day

dips every day

There are many benefits to doing dips every day, and this article explores what happens with your body when you add this exercise to your routine. Not only are dips great for toning and strengthening your muscles, but they also have other health advantages that you will love. Just imagine picking your sweetheart and swirling …

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The Complete Guide to Mastering Upper Chest Push Ups

best upper chest push ups

If you want to add some mass and definition to your upper chest, then some targeted push-ups are the perfect exercise.  This guide will discuss everything you need to know about mastering upper chest push-ups.  We’ll talk about the mechanics of this exercise, variations you can try, and tips that will help you get the …

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The 11 Best Push-Ups for a Stronger Chest

best push-ups for chest

If you want to improve your chest strength, push-ups are just what the doctor (in physical therapy) ordered.  This classic exercise is great for targeting your pectoral muscles and building serious strength.  This blog post will discuss the 11 best push-ups for a stronger chest. These exercises are sure to challenge you and help you …

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21 Benefits of Push-Ups That Will Blow Your Mind

push-ups benefits

If you are looking for a simple full-body workout that doesn’t require equipment, look no further than the push-up.  This exercise has been around for centuries and is still one of the most popular exercises today. Not only does the push-up tone your chest, arms, and abs, but it also provides a host of other …

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Incline Push-Ups: Benefits, Muscles Worked, & Alternatives

incline push-ups

Incline push-ups are one of the most underrated exercises around. They work a ton of muscles, they can be done practically anywhere, and are not too difficult to learn.  In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of incline push-ups, the muscles worked, some alternatives to incline push-ups, and how to master them. Keep reading …

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