How Long (and Often) Should I Use an Elliptical For?

how long to use an elliptical for

Elliptical machines are fun, challenging, and engaging. However, you should always listen to your body and strive to work out smarter, not harder. That brings us to an essential question: How long and how often should you use an elliptical? Read along as we discuss all facets of that issue, breaking down the science behind …

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Is an Elliptical Good for Bad Knees?

are ellipticals good for knees?

Your knee pain can have many causes. Some people have arthritis, others suffer from sprains, and others experience knee pain caused by overuse injuries. So, first things first: You have to see a doctor to receive a correct diagnosis and treatment plan, which will likely include medicine and/or physical therapy. That means, before getting on …

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9 Elliptical Benefits And 3 RISKS To AVOID

elliptical machine benefits

Elliptical machines pack a lot of benefits, as you’d expect. Getting one for home use will help you tone your muscles, avoid the risk of specific heart problems, and achieve your weight goals. Sometimes the cons outweigh the elliptical benefits. We’ll discuss why cross-trainers are generally excellent fitness tools, but we’ll also discuss their not-so-bright …

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