Benefits and Risks of Stairmaster – My Whole Experience

stairmaster benefits

I’ve been quite apprehensive about trying a Stairmaster. My mind was torn between two images: Rocky climbing those stairs at the Philadelphia Museum when he was training and Sisyphus trying to push his massive boulder up the cliff. And just like one really can’t imagine Sisyphus happy (it’s okay to read Camus, but look up the memes), I …

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Muscles Worked by a Treadmill: The Complete Guide

muscles worked by a treadmill

Treadmill? More like trea-don’t for most people. Seriously though, we know it’s not the most exciting workout out there. But if you’re stuck indoors, it’s a solid way to get your cardio in. Plus, it actually exercises more than just your legs – it works your whole lower body, including your glutes, hips, and…yes, your …

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