Does Spinning Work Your Abs?

Spinning does wonders for your morale; it makes you feel stronger, more empowered. After a sweaty workout on your spin bike, your legs feel like jelly, but your heart feels steadier than ever.

Besides, everyone knows that spinning works wonders on your weight. We all have that coworker or neighbor who’s a mom of four but has abs of steel, thanks to that bi-weekly spin class she takes.


Spinning can help you lose a lot of weight, but does it work your abs too? We’ll discuss this issue in the article below.

Psst. We have some valuable tips on how to strengthen your abs faster and how to choose the right spin bike for building those abdominals.

Can You Get Abs from Spin Classes?

can you get abs from spin classes?

Yes, you can get abs from spin classes – that’s why everyone’s so keen on spinning three times per week. Here’s why:

The first reason is that spinning burns approximately 500 calories/ hour if you’re doing it at moderate intensity. However, a spin class can get you to 600 calories – the equivalent of a tasty burger.

That means you need about 6-7 hours of spinning to lose one pound of weight. In one month, you’ll see inches evaporated from your things, hands, and midriff.

Besides, spin classes increase your lean muscle mass. These muscles eat more fuel – aka more calories – than fat stores, which means your body will work overtime to produce that fuel from burning carbs. That’s the precise definition of a fast metabolism.

So, combine a faster metabolic rate with burning 500 calories/ hour, and you get in that perfect combination for getting abs.

But there’s more:

Some spinning exercises specifically target your abs. If you’re joining a total-body spin class, you’ll notice the trainer focusing on different body parts throughout the session. Alternatively, some routines are specifically called “belly fat-melting workout” or something similar to that.

Pro tip: If you’re getting a spin bike for home use, make sure you purchase one with various in-built routines. Otherwise, you’ll have to look online for specific core-targeting exercises.

Can’t wait to see your belly fat melting away?

Try these tips below for efficient results:

  • Eat healthy foods that promote your transit. Empty carbs and trans-fats make you feel – and look – bloated. 
  • Try other core training routines. You can alternate spin classes with Pilates, Yoga, or weighted core training. 
  • Keep your abs tight. Squeeze each time you’re shifting your legs to engage your abs more. It’s essential to make every move count if you want to see faster progress – otherwise, you’re just going through the motions instead of actively working towards your goal.
  • Choose HIIT. If you alternate between high and low-intensity intervals, your body goes through anaerobic and aerobic activity periods. As you’re adjusting your body’s oxygen intake, you’re also changing the rate at which it melts away fat stores.

Is Spinning Good for Lower Abs?

are spin bikes good for lower abs?

Yes, spinning is suitable for lower abs, especially if you’re pedaling in an upright position, preferably without holding the handlebars. Keeping your back straight and shoulders level requires an additional effort from your abs.

That means you’ll have to hold your abdominals tighter throughout your workout, including your lower abs. And that extra exercise will make your lower abs tauter faster.

By contrast, leaning forward over the handlebars releases tension from your lower abs and puts more pressure on the lower back.

That’s not necessarily bad if you’re keeping a correct posture.

In the long term, it’s actually recommended to focus on your lumbar area if you want to strengthen your core muscles. Otherwise, if you ignore your back, you’re just creating a muscle imbalance.

That’s how you predispose yourself to injuries.

In Conclusion. How to Choose the Right Spin Bike to Strengthen Your Abs

Getting a spin bike to work out your abs is an excellent idea. Spinning burns calories, trims your waist, and builds lean muscle.

But here’s the thing:

You need the right spin bike for the job. You probably don’t know this, but spin bikes aren’t created equal, so you want to look for the right mix of features if belly fat burning is your goal.

For instance, you want a spin bike with higher than average resistance. You want your legs and lower abs to push harder against the pedals if you’re going to get more definition in those areas.

Besides, you need a spin bike with diverse HIIT-based workouts. Remember that you want that exercise versatility to increase the abdominal fat burn.

Lastly, you want a spin bike with a comfy, wider-than-average chair. Some spin bikes are crafted explicitly for speed, and these bikes have narrower seats and lighter flywheels. Instead, you’re looking for a heavy-flywheel, wide-chair spin bike that allows you to sit upright and push against a heavier weight. If you’re getting a spin bike with a narrower seat, staying upright for long stretches will be more challenging, especially if you’re a beginner.

So, don’t compromise on your goals.

Mary D. Brown

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