Are Air Bikes Good for Weight Loss?

Air bikes are fun total-body workout machines. They help you stay fit, increase your endurance, and lift your mood.

Plus, they’re enviable fat-burning machines.

Just look at the numbers below:

How Many Calories do You Burn on the Assault Bike?

An assault bike can burn up to 80 calories per minute, but most people will burn about 20 calories/ minute on an air bike. That means:

  • It takes just around five minutes to burn 100 calories on an assault bike, equivalent to 30 minutes of moderate-paced walking.
  • You can get rid of 500 calories in 25 minutes – and that’s the equivalent of two slices of pizza or a portion of lasagna. 
  • You’ll obliterate up to 600 calories in just half an hour.

Here’s why that happens:

  • Resistance. An air bike’s resistance increases when you pedal on it faster. That implies two things:
    • Faster pedaling equals increased cardiovascular effort and, thus, higher calorie burn
    • More resistance means your muscles have to work harder. So that increased muscle workout accelerates the high calorie burn you’re already getting through fast-paced cardio.

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Can You Lose Weight with an Air Bike?

can you lose weight on an assault bike?

You can definitely lose weight with an air bike. 

In fact, you can obliterate a pound of fat in less than three hours because you need to burn 3,500 calories to get rid of that pound of fat. At the same time, working out at high intensity on an assault bike burns up to 20 calories/ minute. 3,500 divided by 20 gives you a whopping 175 minutes – less than three hours.

But there’s a catch:

You need that high intensity to burn 20 calories/ minute in the first place.

Of course, the amount of pounds you end up shedding depends a lot on your current physical shape and how hard you’re working out. These factors include:

  • Your age. Younger people are thought to lose more weight within a preset period because they have faster metabolisms. However, that statement is only valid up to a point. For example, a 50-yo male with a high muscle-to-fat ratio may burn calories faster than a 20-yo sedentary female with undiagnosed hypothyroidism.
  • Your biological sex. The consensus is that males burn calories quicker than females because they have more lean muscle and faster metabolic rates. However, some females will have better resting metabolic rates and burn more calories on assault bikes.
  • Your muscle-to-fat ratio. That muscle-to-fat ratio is an essential indicator of how quickly you end up burning calories on an air bike because muscles eat up more “fuel” than your fat stores. Basically, you need more calories to keep those muscles engaged on an assault bike and while you’re resting.
  • Your current weight. Obese and overweight people burn more calories and therefore shed more weight than standard-weight people when they first use assault bikes. That pretty much happens because they have more weight to lose in the first place. People’s brains are brilliant; if you’re already thin as a stick, your body won’t give up its meek muscle and fat reserves as quickly.
  • Preexisting endocrine disorders. People with endocrine disorders that aren’t diagnosed and under treatment have slower metabolic rates. Examples include hypothyroidism and diabetes.
  • Your workout intensity. That factor is pretty much self-explanatory. The faster you pedal, the more calories you’ll expend. 

All that brings us to this next question:

How Long Should You Use an Assault Bike to Lose Weight

How Long Should You Use an Assault Bike to Lose Weight

If your goal is to lose one pound, you could do it within three hours on an assault bike at high intensity.

Obviously, not everyone will be able to lose so much weight in just three hours because some people have slower metabolisms. And you should never push yourself three hours at maximum intensity on any machine.

So here’s the good news:

Even if you lose one pound in six hours instead of three on the assault bike – that’s still a pretty good performance. Remember that experts recommend using assault bikes in 30-60-minute sessions, three times per week. That means you could burn that pound of fat in one to two weeks!

In practice, you could lose weight faster because:

  • An assault bike increases your muscle mass, thus accelerating your metabolic rate so that you can burn more calories even when you’re resting.
  • You could rethink your diet to make sure you’re eating healthier. For example, you could give up empty calories from soda or high-calorie foods like donuts.

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Do Air Bikes Burn Belly Fat?

can you burn belly fat on an air bike?

Yes, air bikes burn belly fat because:

  • They burn general fat from your body. And you probably already know this from our other articles, but you can’t burn localized fat from just one part of your body. If you’re diminishing your overall fat stores, your abs will also look trimmer.
  • The twisting motion activates your abs, thus making them stronger. In turn, more lean muscles in your abdominal area will reduce that extra layer of fat covering them.

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If you want to burn belly fat faster on a fan bike, follow these tips below:

  • Keep your core tight throughout the workout. Each time you move your arms and legs, squeeze your abs a bit more.
  • Maintain a correct posture on the assault bike to ensure you’re engaging your muscles correctly. For instance, hunching your shoulders and bringing your hips forward puts more pressure on your lower back. This incorrect posture increases the risk of lumbar injury, and it engages your abs less.
  • Keep a varied workout routine. Assault bikes will help trim your core and help you gain functional strength. However, if you want to build core muscles, consider weighted exercises like crunches or Russian twists.
  • Don’t forget about your back. You need a solid back to support those increasingly strong abs of yours. If you don’t exercise your back, too, you’ll create a muscle imbalance that leads to injury.

In Conclusion

Assault bikes can help you lose one pound of fat in just the equivalent of three hours of exercise. However, you should never overexert yourself just for the sake of quick fat loss. Remember that losing weight isn’t a race; it’s a marathon.

That said, picking the right assault bike matters too.

Some air bikes are better for quick weight loss than others, while some are better for strength training. So, choose your fitness equipment according to your specific goals.

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