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7 Exercise Machines That Burn The Most Belly Fat 

which exercise machine burns the most belly fat

People purchase home exercise machines for many reasons, but mostly to lose weight and stay fit. Well, trimming that pesky abdominal fat is an integral part of those goals. And if you’re here, it’s among your top objectives.  So, let’s get straight to it and see which exercise machine is best for losing belly fat.  …

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How Many Calories Does Rebounding Burn?

how many calories does rebounding burn

Rebounding is extremely fun and has benefits galore. Jumping like a worry-free kid makes your workout not feel like a punishment. So, if you lack motivation, get yourself a trampoline YESTERDAY. But how many calories does rebounding burn? Read along as we analyze several studies discussing this matter. We’ll also compare fitness jumping to running …

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Does the Elliptical Work Your Glutes?

Does the Elliptical Work Your Glutes

Elliptical machines are becoming more popular by the day. People worldwide use this terrific gym equipment to gain strength, develop endurance, and lose weight. But does the elliptical work your glutes? Let’s review the science behind that question and see how you can build glutes everyone will envy. Are Ellipticals Good for Glutes? Elliptical machines …

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Does Running on a Treadmill Burn Fat?

does running on a treadmill burn fat

If you pack a little more weight than you’d like – or that your doctor would like – it’s understandable while you’d want to lose it. Besides, 79% of people are dissatisfied with their body shapes. You might be one of them. For example, you might like your skinny arms but dislike that extra tissue surrounding your …

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Are Treadmills Calories Accurate?

are treadmill calories accurate

Treadmills are fun exercise machines that most people recognise for their high calorie-burn potential.  You know that feeling you get when you look down at your treadmill’s screen and see 500 or 700 calories burnt. This number can give you the motivation you need to come back for more next time. But people come in …

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Are Treadmills Bad for Your Knees?

are treadmills bad for your knees

Running on the treadmill gives you an immense sense of freedom besides burning a massive amount of calories. Even walking on that treadmill can increase your aerobic capacity and help you lose weight. But rumor has it that treadmills are bad for your knees. This article discusses whether that’s true, starting from multiple studies. We …

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Recumbent Bike vs. Spin Bike

spin bike vs recumbent bike

Recumbent bikes are comfy and feature-packed, whereas spin bikes are dynamic, fat-burning machines. The choice is easy at first glance. Things get more complicated when you judge these machines in depth. What makes matters more complicated is that both bikes have similar calorie-burning values. So, which one should you choose? Read the guide below as …

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How Long and Often to Run on a Treadmill

how long for to run on a treadmill

Running on the treadmill feels exhilarating, but you shouldn’t overdo it. At the same time, you have to run for long enough and often enough to see good progress. That sounds confusing. Well, the best way to get things right is to listen to your body and have explicit goals. We’re here to help you …

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Are Treadmills Loud in Apartments?

are treadmills noisy in apartament

Treadmills help keep you in shape. Running on a treadmill is exhilarating and empowering. You can do it while listening to music or watching your favorite show. You can be as focused or out of it as you want during your run. However, some people worry about treadmill noise. That’s probably one of the main …

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