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Does Spinning Tone Your Bum?

does spinning tone your bum?

People take up spinning classes for many reasons. Spinning keeps you fit, helps you burn calories, and gets you in a better mood. But many people swear that spinning made their butts firm and round. Is that really the case? Read along as we uncover the science behind that statement and discuss eight ways to increase …

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Is It Ok to Spin Every Day?

it is bad to spin every day?

So, you finally bought a spin bike or enrolled in a spin class. Good for you! Spinning is an excellent way to stay fit, healthy, and happy. But is it ok to spin every day? Most experts agree the answer is no. We’ll explain the science behind that answer, but we’ll also uncover when spinning …

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Is Spinning a Good Way to Lose Weight?

is spinning good for losing weight?

Spinning is a trendy exercise so that gyms throughout the world include specially-crafted spin classes. At the same time, the retail of spin bikes has increased during the last few years. But is spinning an excellent way to lose weight, or is it all just crafty marketing mumbo-jumbo? Yes, it is and we’ll tackle the …

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Do Recumbent Bikes Work Your Abs?

do recumbent bikes work your abs?

Recumbent bikes activate your abdominal muscles better than other home gym equipment because of your slightly reclined position. But how do recumbent bikes work your abs, and what can you do to achieve better results? Keep reading below to find out. How Do Recumbent Bikes Work Your Abs? Here’s why a recumbent bike will benefit …

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What Muscles Does a Recumbent Bike Work

muscles worked by a recumbent bike

Recumbent bikes work your leg muscles, abs, and even your arms if you add separate resistance bands or free weights. But what muscles does a recumbent bike work precisely? Read on as we discuss how a recumbent bike activates different body parts, and how you can build muscle and get in shape faster. Does a …

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Calories Burned on Recumbent Bike

calories burned on recumbent bikes

We’ll cut right to the chase here: most sources indicate that recumbent bikes burn 400-450 calories/ hour. That figure is pretty good compared to other stationary bikes – upright bikes burn 500 calories/ hour, whereas spin bikes get you to about 600/ hour. Also, recumbent bikes rank pretty high compared to Pilates, moderate walking, leisure swimming, and other back-friendly …

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